Commissions are an exciting collaborative journey. Creative input from the client during the beginning stages is essential, and I encourage them to share all inspirations and visions for the project. I ask clients to review my work and choose a handful of current paintings that they connect with, then pick out what they like about those works, mood, texture, movement, color palette, and what they don’t like. This information is important and helps me in the painting process.

Once the beginning stages are complete, you may pick a size for the painting. Then, I go to work. I’m able to translate the essence of past work but not replicate it. The client must understand that I do not know what the painting will look like in the end and must be ok with that. 

A 30% deposit is required before starting the work.

If the client would like it shipped ready to hang, they will cover the shipping costs. If shipped in a tube, I will cover the shipping costs.

Price is determined by the size of the painting.  

If you’re not happy with the finished painting, I can modify it within reason. There are no refunds on commissions.

Please email me to discuss commissions.